Tropical Suite (2 adults + 1 child)

Located on the first floor and equipped with a private staircase leading to the garden and the beach, the 85 m2 Tropical Suite elegantly combines comfort and luxury without ever lapsing into ostentation. Furnished with care, the interior features a spacious bedroom with its own lounge area. Both fresh and radiant, the colours blend harmoniously to the tune of anise green, turquoise blue and greige.

Penthouse Suite (2 adults + 1 child)

A unique suite of 165 m2, the Penthouse offers a panoramic view of the lagoon and magnificent green spaces. The bedroom extends onto a superb bathroom equipped with its top panel. Draped with fabrics of tropical patterns in violet hues, the lounge overlooks a 40-m2 terrace, a real living area overhanging the garden and the sea. The outdoor furniture has been carefully chosen to provide absolute comfort to the guests so that they may enjoy special moments, dinner under a starry sky or a relaxing moment in the sun.

Ocean Suite (2 adults + 1 child)

Located on the ground floor or on the first floor, the Ocean Suite combines spaciousness and intimacy. With a surface area of 100 m2, the Ocean Suite has a magnificent bedroom, a separate lounge, a huge bathroom and a double terrace opening onto the gardens and the sea.

To provide maximum intimacy, the lounge and bedroom are separated by blinds that can either be opened or closed so as to create the desired atmosphere. Chosen in shades of brown, bronze and turquoise, the variety of fabrics give a distinctive radiance to this suite bathed in sunlight.

Presidential Suite (2 adults + 2 children or 4 adults)

Two bedrooms and a lounge opening onto a vast terrace and two bathrooms. This spacious suite of 220 m2 combines elegance with sophistication. The lounge offers office space and large sofas, with embroidered fabrics of bronze and bluish-grey shades. The dining room on the terrace faces the sea and constitutes a prime location for contemplating sunsets and enjoying dinners under the stars.
As for the Penthouse, the two bedrooms extend onto two huge bathrooms equipped with top panels. More than just a hotel suite, the Presidential Suite is a genuine living area for those in pursuit of sophistication and intimacy.

Palm Suite (2 adults + 1 child)

Located on the ground floor, this suite of 105 m2 with tropical accents, offers a very pleasant living environment. A light and airy screen pleasantly demarcates the sleeping area from the spacious lounge, the whole set overlooking a beautiful terrace with sea view. With its mixture of violet and greige tints, this suite offers a warm atmosphere conducive to relaxation.

Royal Suite (2 adults + 2 children or 4 adults)

Situated on the beachfront, the Royal Suite impresses in terms of space and level of sophistication. With a surface area of 380 m2, this luminous suite is characterised by big volumes, accentuated by high ceilings with a unique design spanning over three levels accessible by a majestic interior stairway.

Opening onto a spacious living room, it has been decorated with particular attention: wall units and the marine coloured leather sofas sitting against a background with different shades of grey bring a fresh and modern touch. Its two bedrooms provide generous space for a sense of comfort in the fullest sense of the word. The stylish lounge, for its part, opens onto a deck leading to a wonderful gazebo, ideal for private parties or for a romantic dinner. Set within a frame of pebbles, the infinity pool overlooks the beach and the ocean.