The ultimate spa experience at Heritage Telfair Resort

The ultimate spa experience at Heritage Telfair Resort

The ultimate spa experience at Heritage Telfair Resort

Seven colours Spa

Ranked amongst the best luxury spa hotels in Mauritius, Heritage Le Telfair offers a personalised approach to your well-being. Seven Colours Spa, is the only 100% Mauritian Spa and cosmetic products combining the island’s rich multi-culturalism, natural ingredients and sense of caring. This peaceful haven presents a unique and personalized world of relaxation, serenity and wellness.

With this luxurious spa set in lush nature the hotel offers a wellness experience based on 8 major axes of the visitor’s stay; The spa, Wellness nature experiences, Nutrition, Mind-body, Mindfulness, Fitness, Health care and in-room wellness all designed for their guests pleasure. There you will experience a whole new world of relaxation with a dedicated onsite team of professionals including a Wellness Coordinator and Osteopath at your service for an exceptional spa experience.

Signature massages

Seven Colours spa menu offers variety, expertise and differentiation: specific treatments are designed with the resident osteopath (digestive, lymphatic, back…) to enhance your health whilst relaxing. The signature massages combine gracefully and perfectly the stimulation of chakras and the use of essential oils, treatments are adapted and designed specifically for mothers to be, families with kids and golfers.

The Art of relaxation

Heritage Telfair’s holistic wellness is a complete journey that is customized to every individual’s needs. Embark on a relaxing journey and unlock new dimensions of relaxation and relish in this top Mauritius Spa resort. There are endless possibilities for you to disconnect, more than a holiday, it is about a holistic approach to nurture the mental, physical and emotional well-being. Heritage Le Telfair wellness offer is truly unique in Mauritius and delivered through carefully and expertly selected experiences and products.

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